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Tamara Devine-Rinehart

Tamara studied English, French, and Art History at Wayne State University and graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa. She went on to work in entertainment publicity in Detroit, writing press releases and bios for festivals, bands, and restaurants. During her undergraduate college days she was introduced to yoga and Pilates in yoga and dance classes at WSU. Since then she has continued to deepen her practice and go on to complete both yoga and Pilates teacher trainings.

Along with her Bachelors of Arts, she also went on to complete a Masters in Secondary Education in English and Physical Education through the Kinesiology, Health, and Sports Studies Department at Wayne State University in Detroit. She has worked in this department through the College of Education and the Wayne State School of Medicine as a research assistant, studying and designing workout programs and materials for youth and families. She continues to work as a guest lecturer at WSU and is adjunct faculty at Henry Ford College in Dearborn, MI.

She has developed and written various guides and presentations on general fitness principles, yoga, and Pilates for both children and adults. She also has extensive experience with Motivational Interviewing, with an acknowledgement on a coding manual and journal articles on pediatric physical activity and motivation published through WSU.

While enjoying teaching and participating in both mind-body practices and physical education, Tamara also is passionate about reading and teaching English. She has taught English as a Second Language  and continues to work with English Language Learners weekly, teaching reading, writing, and critical thinking skills .

Tamara has taught yoga and nutrition to Detroit elementary students since 2008. She also works with exceptional Detroit teens through Cranbrook Educational Community’s Horizons Upward Bound program as a Reading Teacher and Tutor. She recently helped develop and launch a holistic tutoring program to help students in all areas of academic success including content knowledge, skill development, organizational and study skills, and self-advocacy.

She still teaches youth and adults yoga, Pilates, health, physical education, and adaptive physical education. Her concentrations include prenatal, postnatal, adaptive physical education (for persons with disabilities), and all other awesome and amazing bodies!. Tamara is enthusiastic and passionate about health and wellness and helping people feel confident, strong and balanced in their mind, body, and spirit.

Tamara relocated to Dayton, Ohio in 2015 and teaches Family Consumer Science at Xenia High School. She still returns to Detroit and is happy to be teaching and working in several amazing communities!

When she is off her mat, she also loves all kinds of workouts, meditating, and running. She also works with individuals in intuitive counseling and is an avid and experienced tarot and oracle card reader.  She has an amazing 12 year-old daughter, Grace, who together make their own line of natural body care products under the name, Momma Watta. 

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