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Doug Swenson Weekend

March 3 to March 4

Sat March 3

Mastering the Secrets of Yoga Flow 

The main focus of this class is centered around the fluid movements of soft and hard form vinyasa and how to expand this philosophy to create flow in your daily life – a variety of yoga postures – both easy and challenging will be used. Explanation will be made as to how the fluid energy lines of vinyasa in your yoga practice can affect your daily life in a positive way. A connection is made to help create a flow in your diet, at work in relationships and throughout your daily life.

Sat March 3

Latest in Yoga Adjustments

Learn new and exciting ways to help each other with yoga practice, through hands on yoga adjustments and partner work. Class concludes with creation of a yoga dance, from techniques you have learned. This workshop will conclude with a discussion on preventing and overcoming injuries.

The workshop will also conclude with a discussion on the eight limbs of yoga. In this class the students will acquire a broad spectrum view of the eight limbs and how it affects our daily life. Also included – is a glimpse into some of the smaller branches, (Raja, Karma, etc).

Sun March 4

Handstands, Inversions & Balancing 

In this class the students will experience a delightful, holistic flow of asana – focused around handstands, inversions and balancing. With many tips on how to avoid and overcome in jury


Sun March 4

Power to Yin / The Challenge - Leads to Bliss

In this class we will split the class into two distinct opposing energies! Beginning the class with a very challenging (vinyasa yoga sequence) – then moving gracefully into a blissful soft and form yoga practice – as we melt into bliss.

This class will also conclude with a discussion on avoiding and overcoming injury in a yoga practice. 



Cost: Single Sessions- $45 if registered by February 23rd; $50 thereafter 

Full Weekend With Doug Swenson- $165 if registered by February 23rd; $185 thereafter


*There is a $75 deposit built into the cost of the full weekend and $25 into the single sessions. No refunds will be issued within 30 days of the start date.


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